Where To Buy Wind Generators

If you’re considering generating electrical power by buying a wind generator, you have several choices of where to shop. Where to buy wind generators depends greatly on which type of generator you’re interested in. If you’re looking for a model that’s already assembled but requires installation, you’d want to make sure you can arrange transportation for the unit to where it’s being installed and then handle the installation yourself. This choice limits you to dealerships within driving range of the location where the unit will be installed. If you prefer a unit that arrives unassembled and requires both assembly and installation, you can also shop mail order and online distributors. The unit can be shipped directly to your location.

When Buying Wind Generators
Where to buy wind generators can also depend on the level of work you want to do yourself. If you happen to be the DIY type, you can purchase pre-packaged kits online and through mail order. For the extremely adventurous handy man type, you can also purchase just directions and a materials list and build your own wind generator. Where you buy your wind powered generator also depends on price. Shop around. Read product reviews online and look for websites that compare and contrast various models side-by-side. Keep shipping costs in mind if you decide to buy your wind powered generator from an online or mail order source. Also bear in mind additional transportation costs you may incur if you have the unit shipped to your home as opposed to the location where it will be used.

Before You Buy A Wind Generator
Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the warranty, and how replacement parts and maintenance are done. Where you buy a wind generator may need to be close to your home location in case you need service or repairs on the unit later. Ask where the manufacturer is located, as well as where you’d have to go in order to get replacement parts or service for the unit. If you have chosen an online or mail order supplier, make certain you can get parts and repair service in your local area prior to purchase. Wind generators are typically large structures that you can’t simply mail back in for service or toss into the back of a truck and haul to a repair shop. Anything mechanical (with moving parts) will eventually require service and possibly replacement parts. Keep this in mind when deciding where to buy a wind generator.

Customer Service
Where to buy a wind generator also depends on the customer service the distributor offers. In most cases, some level of installation is required. This is where the average person may run into problems and need to ask questions and get advice or further instruction. Always ask what after sale customer services are available on the model you’re interested in prior to making the purchase. Is there a number you can call? Is the number answered 24/7 – 365, or for certain days and times only? Return policy, warranty, and customer service are all things to take into careful consideration when deciding where to buy a wind generator.